Star-Studded Entertainment on Cruise Ships


Episode 3



Here we are back with the third reason to go on a cruise holiday – onboard entertainment.

From jaw-dropping diving acts to state of the art ice skating shows or even bumper cars, there really is something for everyone on board a cruise ship. Not only is there a lot to experience and explore off the ship but everything you can need is under one roof to keep you constantly entertained once the ship set sails! These days cruise ships compete with each other to offer the best entertainment programs available. One of the most thrilling show experiences are the critically acclaimed aqua shows, these being one of the most visually striking creations on or off land.

Choice is endless no matter what age you are. Almost every cruise ship caters to children and teenagers, complete with specialised age guided centres, run by a dedicated team of engaging activity leaders, where parents can leave them safely to mingle with other children to have never ending fun! Most ships have interactive parades and poolside games for families to get involved in together. It truly is an adult’s playground, with lots of shows on offer, whether it’s aqua, ice skating or theatrical.

Most ships have multiple nightclubs, karaoke bars, bands and theme nights. In the many lounges, no matter what, there’s music in the air. Whether you love jazz, pop, 70’s or trap, they have a variety to keep you busting moves till the early hours. A very popular event is the silent disco, which is great fun for everybody. The clubs on the ships have professional DJ’s who always create an electric atmosphere. You will see people from different ages and backgrounds who engage in dancing and diverse activities from crosswords, dance lessons to mask parties. One night was so hilarious because they had a ‘dog mask disco’, where upon entry we were handed pug face masks – it sure was a memorable party.

To know what’s going on around the ship, they have a practical and smart program with all the activities on board, which allows guests to check the offerings of the day (similar to a specials menu given in a restaurant where everyday a new timetable is printed), or available on an app for your phone or tablet. The printed daily program is dropped off at your stateroom the day before, so that you can plan what you want to do in advance. How great is that?!


Most of the ships also run a ‘Morning Show’ on the TV channel which features the Cruise Director (Head of Entertainment) and usually the Activities Manager who keep you informed of what’s going on around the ship that day and will give you a heads up of the best entertainment on offer. The shows in themselves are sparkly, colourful, eye-inspiring and will pull at your heartstrings. One amazing show I witnessed on board was a showgirl one called ‘Sequins and Feathers.’ This is sensational and will get you singing along to songs featuring Michael Jackson and contemporary tunes from the lyrics of R&B artist Chris Brown. Another very popular West-End and Broadway musical such as Hairspray is a crowd-pleaser, being fun, energetic and family-friendly. Saturday Night Fever is a dazzling display of high-charged disco dancing based on the film of the same name starring John Travolta. This adaptation is currently showing on cruises.

Now, if you haven’t experienced real sky diving, a limited number of the ships have it and the rush of the wind tunnel will literally take your breath away! This is where you can be weightless and float up a secure tunnel with an Instructor in tow, who teaches you essentially how to fly. What a cool thing to tell your friends you’ve tried huh? The thrills don’t stop there, if you are fan of water sports then try the surfing machine which re-creates some epic waves for you to either boogie board or stand up on, while at sea. It’s really something unforgettable to try. Just prepare to get very wet!

If sports or dancing are not your thing, then quieter locations such as the library or a small workshop where classes are led, might be the way for you. During many crossings or long cruises, a number of speciality arts and crafts instructors and lecturers come on board. So the entertainment can also be educational, informative and you can learn something new, such as jewellery making or the history of a place on your itinerary.

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