Fluid Acrylic Painting


“…and in way you can stop the time.”

In a fast moving and digitalized world it seems so strange to take the time and energy to literally grab a canvas and some some paint and get lost in it. So as photography,

it is more like a meditation. Painting has a “being present” feeling to it and in a way you can stop the time to create a reflection on life through emotions and feelings in a single picture.

“…colours blending in continuously transformation..”

Is one of those things in wich the journey counts more than the destination, meaning that by the time the painting dries out and it is “final” you got to witness dozen of patterns and versions of it so the biggest challenge becomes for you to decide when to stop, because “it’s done”. And there is not much to it, you just seat back and observe the almost magical chemestry of colours blending in continuously transformation.

Because a painting should be seen with the soul and not only with the eyes, the painting is also created from the most intense feelings that sometimes, for some people is the best way to know yourself. The deepest states of existence, but also the brightest searches in the ephemeral thing we call life take the best shape in abstract paintings, wich can be in a way psychological as it is perceived differently by each person.

So we can say it is not a single picture, being the sum of the perspective from which it is viewed.

„…the most adventurous journey – the journey to yourself.”

As changeable as everything we go through in life, the technique of painting in fluid acrylics creates a big difference in the way you start painting and its final version.

Another important substance used in acrylic pouring paints is silicone which is essential if you want to integrate in your painting some cells that are similar to liquid bubbles.

Painting, as an exercise in self-knowledge, becomes a journey of inner search and it is more about looking carefully into your depths and in the questions you ask yourself. As we find the world, so are the colours: from cold to warm, from sensitive to strong, from something we don’t like to something we love sincerely. Being an inevitable part of life, all these emotions must be accepted and clearly understood. The thing with wisdom, and often with life lessons it is that we can learn from the good things but also the bad ones. Therefore, a painting that represents mixed feelings presents reality much better in its intensity and sometimes a phantasmagoric world unites the feeling of freedom and exploration with a painting created with positive emotions.

Doing what you love with great passion was always the best way to express yourself.

If you managed to convey an emotion to someone through your creation, it means that it has reached its purpose. In other words, whether they wanted to or not, those who receive your paintings will carry a piece of your soul in their house. We want so much to be happy in this life that we would stop time if we could to keep this feeling forever. Therefore, the trembling spark of happiness often remains motionless in creation while you talk to yourself about the little things that make life so meaningful. Apparently, there is no trace of falsity in what man creates, painting being one of the most sincere forms of expression. So we can say that a dream, a feeling, an emotion, a desire or an important second in your life can be outlined with a brush on a simple canvas.

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