The world of travel offers countless experiences, including the allure of setting sail aboard a majestic cruise ship. These floating cities, with their promise of luxury, exotic destinations, and open-sea adventures, represent a dream vacation for many. Yet, like the mysteries of the deep seas they navigate, there’s more lurking beneath their surface than meets the eye.

While we often visualize grand ships adorned with crystal staircases, families basking on sun-soaked decks, couples dining under starlit skies, and entertainment comparable to New York’s Broadway or London’s West End, a new book reveals what’s really going on behind this perfect image

Beneath the luxury and allure lies a world where crew members are treated far from fairly and where alarming activities like drug smuggling, scams, and even more sinister occurrences are rife. The book delves into instances of forbidden fraternizing that turn these ships into floating fantasy palaces. It touches upon grave safety and ethical concerns, where safety procedures are sometimes skipped, pollution regulations disregarded, and vital repairs go unfixed.

The revelations become even more chilling with accounts of the impunity of cruise operations. Tales of individuals disappearing without a trace and passengers becoming victims of unspeakable crimes, like sexual assault and murder, underscore the urgent need for transparency and reform.

What sets this original book apart is its unique vantage point. Penned by a seasoned crew member with a decade of experiences at sea, it offers an insider’s perspective that has long waited to be written. Transparensea incorporates shocking accounts from victims of crime, whistleblowers, industry experts and crew from different cruise companies. For years their voices have been hidden. Now, after a decade of working at sea, the author is breaking that silence.


As you contemplate your next travel adventure or dream of a serene voyage aboard a cruise ship, remember that every journey has its stories. Some are shared openly, while others lie in wait, ready to be discovered. This enlightening exposé promises to uncover truths the cruise industry would rather remain hidden.

If you ever wondered what it’s like working onboard a cruise ship… Now’s your chance to find out, in this raw and uncensored exposé.

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Discover the secrets and truths the cruise industry doesn’t want you to know with this uncensored exposé.

This journey through the eyes of a seasoned crew member reveals the darker reality beneath the surface of the multi-billion-dollar cruising industry. Uncover the shocking stories of crew members treated like dirt, drug smuggling, scams, prostitution, bullying, fraternising, and even passengers buying tickets with the sole intent of ending their lives on board. Learn about safety procedures skipped, pollution regulations disregarded, and vital repairs going unfixed, as well as passengers becoming victims of unspeakable crimes.

Benefits of Reading this Book:
– Uncover the secrets of the cruise industry and learn the truth about what really happens on board
– Gain insight into the issues of crew members, passengers, and safety regulations
– Get a unique, uncensored look at the darker side of the cruise industry from a seasoned crew member

What’s Included in the Book:
– A decade of insider knowledge
– Unfiltered stories from crew and passengers
– An in-depth look at the cruise industry
– Shocking revelations from industry experts and whistleblowers

Get it today to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about the cruise industry!

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