Relax On A Kenyan Safari

Kenya Safari

The wilderness is a thing that can speak and show us our roots without saying a word. It evokes feelings that can’t be deciphered by human language. The flora and fauna have a soothing effect on our frazzled nerves. Step into nature and you will feel the difference. The air, the animals wandering around in their free world, the tranquillity of nature, everything makes you feel calmer and different.

Only a few populations in the world are heralding their tradition and culture, living close to the earth, remaining unabated by the modernity of the world.  A place where time began, where you do want to discover the primal need to return, a place where you want to explore the beginnings of life.  If wilderness is what you want to venture into, then this African Country should be on the top bucket list. Kenya promises to satisfy the wanderlust soul in every being. The snow-capped mountains, the deep forests, the vast wildlife, and its broad Savannah. Witness and explore the great population of Samburu and Maasai peoples holding on to the earth with their age-old tradition. Ignite the wanderlust in you, by planning a trip to Kenya, and the Safaris.

The Safari Guide

Kenya Safaris are incredible, hosting a huge area of African wildlife and is one of the premier safari destinations. The national parks in Kenya are rated as one of the best in the world. When you are on board on Safari, you will get to see the big five African animals- lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, and hundreds of other animal species. Africa can easily boast as having the world’s most diverse birdlife.

In many national parks in Kenya, self-drive safaris come as the most preferred option. However, if you are looking forward to enjoying the remotest area of wildlife, relatively untouched by tourism you will need a jeep or 4WD car.

Do you need more temptation?

You must have read and heard a lot more about this mystic place. We will provide you with further temptation so that all you need to do is just plan your trip to Kenya and indulge in Kenya Safari.

We give you the reasons, while you chalk out the trip.

  • Home to the Famous Five. No, we are not talking about Enid Blyton’s novel. The Big Five are the African lion, African leopard, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and white/black rhinos. Be a part of the safari and explore these majestic beauties.
  • The Big Cats rules the roost- Yes, they are the one who rule in this wilderness, and no other country can offer the sight that Maasai Mara has to offer. They roam the plains, waiting patiently for the migrating wildebeest
  • Witnessing the greatest migrating wildebeest in the region- The Big Cats for them, and they are a sight to behold. Even with all those videos, nothing can satiate the vision than watching them with your own eyes. Watching the mass movement of animals, swaying, strutting, and lumbering at one of the greatest wonders of the wilderness.
  • The entry is simpler- Kenyan authorities eased your entry by introducing an e-visa system. You just need to log into the official e-visa website to complete the procedure
  • Experience safari like no other- Modern safaris had their invention in this land, way back in the 20s. Kenya’s Safari industry has one of the best and efficient tourist infrastructure, with innumerable choices of camps and one which suits every pocket of the travellers. So, there is something for everyone.
  • From the wilderness to the water- The geography of Kenya is blessed with the perfect combination of flora and fauna. When you are finished with the adventurous sights, head on to the beach for a relaxing day amidst the Ocean and the clear blue sky.
  • The chirpy sound of the birds- Have you seen hordes of pink flamingos? You must have, most probably in photographs. Watch these beauties in all their glory, also visit Lake Naivasha which is home to Golden-Winged Sunbirds, Superb Starlings, and African Fish Eagles. These are just a few to be named amongst the 1000 recorded bird species that Kenya has to offer. Record these and more in H9R/ H9 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera
  • Under the twinkling sky- Our cities are devoid of it, while Kenya has a lot to offer. Spend a night looking out to the stars, counting them, and finally lulling into sleep.
  • Challenge yourself to the climb- If you have it in you, then take the climb to the top of Mount Kenya. You will be awarded for your hard work for it boasts of endemic flora and fauna, offering an astounding panoramic view of the savannah and plains. In the mountains, you will spot some more majestic animals- black rhino, elephant, Cape Buffalo, antelope, Colobus monkey, and giant forest hog. Don’t forget to carry an elastic adjustable harness head strap mount belt for Go Pro HD Hero.
  • The ancient site will mesmerize you- Go around the old ruins, visit the magnificent palaces and mosques and a primeval forest.
  • ‘She climbed up as a girl and then climbed down as a queen- Yes, Jim Corbett, the big game hunter wrote so. Visit Treetops Kenya’s oldest safari lodge, and experience the splendour and grandeur, home to Queen’s Elizabeth’s favourite hotel
  • This has wilderness and love- Wilderness because it stretched around 55000 acres of Savannah, home to the Grevy’s Zebra, more than 70 black rhinos, and lions, elephants, and cheetah. Talking about love, this is the place where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, so you have the thrill of adventure and the saga of love.
  • The tourism of Kenya is the livelihood of the inhabitants- The inhabitants of Kenya make a living out of the tourist visits. The Tourism sector of Kenya is protecting the traditional ways of life, giving livelihood to its inhabitants, and promoting culture and wilderness.
  • Bring for your people beautiful mementos- You will leave speechless with the craftsmanship found in Kenya. These people crafts some covetable objects that can be taken home to be kept at your place, or maybe gifting someone with it.
  • How about having your breakfast with giraffe – Book your stay or a table with the famous Giraffe Manor and feed the giraffe, while at the same time you can watch them and have your meal.
  • The Great Rift Valley- Explore the 6000 long scar that stretches from Jordan in the Middle East across Africa to Mozambique, reaching through Kenya. You have the Massai herders, wide plains, herds of elephants, and a mesmerizing view, this and more defines The Great Rift Valley.
  • Hell’s Gate opens up to an enchanting view- This is one hell of a gate that is definitely going to make you speechless. Hell’s Gate is a national park, which is named after a narrow crack in the cliffs. It is home to Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns.
  • Indulge into the creative arts scene- Yes, spend some time in jazz, hip hop, and dub performances, watch the creative art scene of Kenya and get into the groove.

Best time for Safari in Kenya

January and February is the peak tourist season, though the weather is warm and dry, the animals are easy to spot. If you are visiting from June to October, then you can catch the sight of migration. Head to the Masai Mara National Park in southern Kenya.

Want to experience the rain, then there is a long spell of rain, through March, April, and May, and a short spell of rain from October to December. If you want to enjoy the rain as well as enjoy the wildlife, visit during the short rains since it rains for a short period. Also, you get some amazing, budget-friendly deals during this time.

  • Full-sleeved shirts, t-shirts along with a sweatshirt or a fleece-lined shirt; cotton pants or trousers, cargo pants, comfortable shorts
  • First-aid medication box and toiletries
  • Some other necessary tools, self-defence multi-function tool, camping survival compass
  • Durable, lightweight shoes such as men hiking shoes or casual sneakers or safety boots
  • For the rainy season carry a raincoat
  • Don’t forget to carry your gadgets to capture the views, such as WIFI Digital Camera 1080 P 4K
  • Carry soft-sided, sturdy duffle bags, because the luggage compartments cannot fit suitcases. Travel light. You can go for 70 L Large capacity Backpack Multifunction waterproof, or Waterproof Hand luggage
  • Don’t forget to carry your travel documents, travel tour plan, money, return tickets. In case of emergency, including the number of friends and families who can be contacted.
  • Dress emphasis- Adhere to the local customs and be respectful of to dress code. Do not wear too many revealing clothes.

As you rush to do your booking and packing, dream of a place that is known as the safari destination. A place that offers magnificent natural beauty, the soul-touching encounter with rich and varied cultures as well as the safari ride experiencing the thrills and spills of the Wildebeest Migration.