Let’s Go Camping – Midst The Wilderness – Underneath The Starry Night

The smell of campfires, the weather being enticing, and the alluring pine trees. Camping could be fun and it does allow us to make a connection with nature and with our families. You are in the midst of nature, away from all the gadgets and technology. This is where you are forced to work and activate your thinking process. Camping is known to reduce stress and helps in building mental and physical health. It offers an excellent opportunity to be entrenched in nature and just relax. With the pandemic making us cocooned at homes, setting off to nature can lift moods- from adventure camping to hiking, and of course to glamping.

Dry Bag

Relax while we tell you the benefits of camping

When you are happy and relaxed, it does reflect in your health and mind. There are many benefits when you and your children go camping. Here are some reasons what camping does to your health.

  • Leave the overbooked schedule and piles of work at home. Unplug and enjoy nature. Sniff the wonderful scents of nature or the rustic way you cook your dinner. You will return with more energy and enthusiasm.
  • Developing a problem-solving attitude: You might be well prepared for it, but there are times when you encounter some problems and challenges which force your brain to think and strategize.
  • Answers even Google can’t find: Google can’t find anything because there will be no connectivity. Hence, relax and try to activate your brain cells to find the solution. You will find that life can be led even without an internet connection. So chase the butterflies, cook your meals, spending a night under the stars, waking to sounds of birds chirping and the rustling of leaves
  • Plan activities that are adventurous and fun, as well as teach us many things. This creates special bonding between you and your family. Also, food tastes much better when you are with the basics and is cooked in the fresh air.
  • Camping can be a learning experience for your kid. In the era of smartphones and tablets, unleashing them into nature exposes them to a different world. You will be amazed to see their ability to overcome new problems and challenges. While camping, children are taught to be closer to nature away from the artificial luxuries of life. This activates their brain cells, inducing good habits and learning how to lead basic life. You will find that they are more docile and gentle when in the midst of nature.
  • If you find difficulty in sleeping camping can reset your biological system. Good sleep induces good moods. The fresh air, the natural setting, the good food can all help to activate your sleeping pattern.
  • Spending time in the sun and breathing in the fresh air can improve your health, and helps in triggering a good mood.
  • Chances are that you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. And with the pandemic running havoc in our life, we have been confined to homes for quite a long time. You must go camping. You can walk around, go cycling, or trekking, away from all the luxuries and electronics of life you will be doing everything by yourself. Which in turn helps to activate the muscles in your body and also the brain. Escape to the open sky, fresh air, and wilderness. Pack your essentials in this high-quality bag, 10 L 20 L Waterproof Dry Bag, which can be used as a lifebelt in emergency
  • All of these make you and your family happier. You know this is all about serotonin, that wonderful chemical that makes us happy. More fresh air, more sunlight, increased physical activity and your body produces ample serotonin.
  • Spending on camping gear, such as 1-2 person portable outdoor camping hammock with mosquito net, are much less expensive than booking rooms in hotels
  • Explore the nearby wilderness or state parks. You don’t need to be away from your home for quite a long time. Just a day or two is enough. Do not forget to pack a mini headlamp 4 light or camping survival compass.


Getting out and smelling out some fresh air

There is nothing like going away from the humdrum of life and living in the quiet wilderness. Camping is all about appreciating the wilderness around you. Add in the isolation and you have the perfect time for your family. With just, a super bright 4 core P 70.2 LED Flashlight, tell stories of scary times and watch the eyes of your children or friends pop out. Incorporate as many leisurely activities and fun games. It is a great time to try new activities or interesting games or maybe indulging in hobbies that you might have stopped long back.

Exciting activities for never a dull moment

Water activities- If your campsite is near a lake, or river, or pool indulge in fishing, or can also indulge in water balloon fight, swimming, diving, skipping stones, play water volleyball or basketball. You can get a diving flashlight to be used for the dive-in enthusiast, or for exploring or photography.

Get your body moving and shaking- Plan lots of sports and physical activities to get up and get moving. Mix up sports and activities that don’t require physical movement and are fun, also include those that make you active. Such as playing with Frisbee, bikes, hiking, rock climbing (don’t forget to pack aluminum alloy carabiner), football, kickball. Plan for your children the art of tree climbing and they are going to squeal in joy. Also, if you have a lot of people with you, play hide-and-seek, capture the flag, tag, or red rover.

Playing games- If it suddenly raining, then you can plan various games to play while camping. They are entertaining and helps you relaxed, as well as promoting cooperation and family bonding.

  • Card games- Easy to pack and can be slipped in backpacks. Bring in a deck of normal cards or Uno, Phase 10, Fluxx, Rook, Old Maid, Five Crowns, Quiddler, and Apples to Apples.
  • Board games are another fun games to play during camping
  • Or if you don’t want to pack any game things, play charades and I Spy
  • How about playing Hangman, or Dots, or Tic-Tac-Toe. Just a pencil and paper will do.

Venture into the wilderness

Camping is all about spending your time in midst of the nature. Do not damage or disturb nature. You can do birdwatching, animal watching, taking pictures or maybe sketching the flora and fauna, nature gathering as souvenirs or memories, collecting fireflies in a jar, picking berries, collecting firewood, or lighting up one, search for the perfect walking stick from the branches lying around.

Relax and unwind in the lap of nature

People who have been busy with their schedules or those who have been stressed out can just take it easy and relax. Just stretch out an ultralight waterproof white goose-down sleeping bag and let the world away with these wonderful ideas. Watching the leaves rustling in the breeze, hearing the chirping of the birds, just dozing off peacefully with a cool breeze blowing by, let your mind wander to funny moments, and stargazing at night.

For that quiet time inside the tent

Bring with you an LED Flashlight powerful flashlight and read books, or magazines, tell stories, play board games, indulging in knitting, sewing or sketching or drawing, or just snuggle up.

Oh, and if it is raining, why don’t you go out and get drenched in the rains. You might never get this chance to be just yourself when you are back in your busy world.

Nighttime can be thrilling and fun

Without all the lights of the city life, the nighttime at the campsite is something you should look out for and have fun with. Play flashlight tag, take a night walk, with mini rechargeable LED Flashlight have fun playing shadow puppets, stare and study the stars, or go for a midnight swim.

Camping is incomplete without a campfire

Camping does not wind up without lighting up the campfire. Leaving any other activities aside, the campfire is something that makes camping the most memorable experience. Light up the campfire and tell ghost stories, or play truth and dare, sing songs, if you have not forgotten to bring your guitar then mesmerize your audience with some soulful music, dance around the fire, re-enact stories, do mimicry of your loved ones and have fun.

Make your campout indulgent; plan well

With the pandemic, hopefully, in its last throes, it is time to head to the woods, on the lap of Mother Nature. It is time to get ample fresh air, enjoy beautiful scenery, twinkling stars, and having a basic lifestyle. Camping can be fun if you do meticulous planning. From camping survival compass to ultralight camping cooking pans there is a little bit of everything included so that your camping experience remains enjoyable. But remember to choose a campsite that makes your trip fun and interesting. This is one trip that will make you reconnect with the quietness and beauty of nature that recharges your batteries to endure the stressed-out life with renewed enthusiasm and zeal, as well as relaxing with your family and friends.