Spend Time in the Midst of Sea- Sand-Sky

The jewelled sparkling waters, the sandy beach, the cool breeze blowing on your face, the bright-hued of the sun, if you are already painting picture on your mind, then it is time to hit one of the beaches. From a quick getaway to the mystical beach of the Pacific Northwest to an exotic vacation to Seychelles, these beaches sure lure you to their mystic land, revealing a cool and luxurious vacation.

But why beach and why not another picturesque place? Well for the record when you plan a vacation it will mean different to you as compared to others. Maybe a whirlwind European tour, or trying exotic foods, or climbing and conquering mighty mountains or visiting prestigious museums, or exploring the wild. The choices are varied and can be an exhilarating and learning experience. But for now, let’s head to the beach. We are pretty sure between us we can give unlimited reasons to head to the water.

Why vacation is so important?

Your life has become mechanical, and monotonous and you feel drained for most of the time. Taking few days off from this regular life can help to bolster your mental, physical, and emotional health.

  • Set aside few days in a year to spend time with your family and friends. Keep away from the responsibilities of work and home, and unwind and relax for few days.
  • Get away from the daily routine of life and relax. Let go of the rules just for these few days. Get into the playful side of yours. Show your family how fun it could be. Indulge in few fun-filled activities and reveal your playful side
  • Breathe in the salty air, hear the sounds of nature and relax. Through vacation, you can reducestress
  • Go around the locale and city and hear different stories, learn something new. It is a great time to break the monotony of life
  • Increasing productivity at work. For the reason that the cells in the body are activated and you return to work with energy and enthusiasm
  • The best part of the vacation is that you create memories, visiting the wonderful place.

Beach vacations vs other vacation

Whatever may your vacation type, we all know that all vacations are awesome. The word vacation sets your mind whirling and your soul singing a happy tune. Planning one helps you bond with your family and friends, get you out from the monotony life, develop your creativity, and understand the meaning of life. Every one of us has reasons to head out on a beach holiday, but there are some common reasons too.

  • From collecting the tiny seashells and pebbles to looking out to the vastness of the water, it remains incomparable. You reconnect with nature while in the sea. You see the wide blue sky, the sounds of birds chirping, everything has a soothing sound to calm your frazzled nerves.
  • Choose any fun-filled activities to extreme sports at the beach. From swimming to kayaking, to jet skiing to paddleboard. Or you can just sit and opt for fishing. It is similar to camping, only at the campsite do you put up a tent while at the beach you get to rent out a hotel.
  • Vacation at city vs vacation at the beach is equal to expensive vs budgeted. While vacationing in a city you have to pay a price for everything that you think is fun. Everything bears a price tag- food, tickets, sightseeing, relaxing joint, and transportation. You have to pay a price for every of these. But you can enjoy a fabulous vacation at the beach on a budget. You just need to pay for the accommodation and the food, while the rest can be done at a budgeted price. Pack your sexy bandage black swimsuit and swim across the water or wear a sexy thong bikini set and just lie do down to bask in the sun. Well, the sea, the sun, and the sand are free and we know you will love to indulge in it.
  • You know Vitamin D is beneficial for strong bones and healthy bones resulting in good overall health. It helps in keeping your heart, muscles, lungs, and brain healthy and makes them work well. As such the working well factor makes your body immune to a variety of diseases. So wear a leopard thong bikini and let your skin absorb plentiful sunlight. But before that splash sunscreen on your exposed areas. That is why a few days on the beach make you feeling refreshed and healthy.
  • Vacation rentals make your vacation much more happening and easy. Head out to the beach house and you will experience an awesome feeling. Shout out ‘beach house’ and yes we know that feeling. Stand on the veranda of your sea house and drink in the mesmerizing views in front of you, the sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds, the sound of the seagulls. Since most of the beaches are nearer to the city or town, so you can easily venture into the shore or town. Vacation rentals are much more accommodating than staying at a cramped hotel in a big city or a tent during camping. After a fun day on the beach, come back to the vacation rentals that have everything, couch to laze around, well-equipped kitchen to satiate your hunger, ample room for everyone. So whether you are traveling in a group or family vacation rentals are the better options
  • Relax and chill. Get that fringe beach cover-up or V neck one-piece swimsuit, flip flops, sunglasses, play clothes, or sundresses and leave your classy clothes behind. Well, you can leave your high-heeled shoes too. The idea is to spend a relaxing time without a hurried itinerary. Walk around and have your fill of drinks, ice-creams, walk into quaint little shops. These shops have a huge collection of things that might surprise you. So what you are waiting for? Splurge. After that head out to the beach again or maybe watch from one of the windows of vacation rental when the blue sky turns into a golden hue, spread by the setting sun
  • With all the wonderful things happening around you, can food be left behind? Try out new things and tingle your taste bud. Yes, we know you shed pounds of fats to fit into that sexy bandage black swimsuit. But this is the time when you can do to your heart’s desire. You can keep on worrying when you back to your life. As of now, indulge!
  • Amid stars and sunsets, into the limitless sky is your world. The busy schedule, the city life, the pollution, and the screeching sounds of vehicles, can make any go crazy. The evenings at the beach are calm and peaceful, and whatever sound you get is enough to have a calming effect on your nerves. Appreciate nature the way it is.
  • It is a chance not to do anything. Have a productive day at the beach. Don’t ruin a holiday by planning. Sleep, swim and sunbathe should be your mantra for a relaxed holiday.
  • Do not forget to pack your sunscreen. Face the sun brightly, and the sea with its saltiness and welcoming nature.
  • Beach areas are often cooler than other places. During summer most people go to the beach and take up swimming, to cool off.

Exotic beaches around the world

Depending on the beach quality, mesmerizing scenery, and overall accessibility, find below some of the best beaches you can plan to soak in.

  • Fiji- The perfect spot for beach-goers, it is a paradise that boasts of 333 islands, sparkling waters and oceans, expensive to budgeted resorts, this place has everything for everyone. Indulge in many activities and have a great time
  • Bora Bora- Wonderful resorts and bungalows set up around stunning beaches and green jungles, this belongs to a small island but has one of the most mesmerizing views
  • Maldives- It has towering palm trees, sparkling blue waters, and surreal sunsets
  • Tahiti- A wonderful beach to relax in as well as offering gourmet French cuisine.
  • Maui- Want to avoid the crowd, then head out to Maui
  • Whitsunday Islands- An entirely different world with plenty of stunning spots to choose from
  • Mauritius- With lots of beaches on offer, this is one place when you want to explore beaches after beaches
  • Lucia- Well they say beautiful things come in small packages and St. Lucia fits into the description. Instead of lengthy stretches of sand, you will find charming coves and private shorelines.

Get ready to splash into the ocean/sea

Now you know where to head to for the weekend or for that long overdue vacation. You also know the benefits of going on a vacation to the beach. Enjoy nature, go swimming, or relax on the share, or maybe getting involved in some fun activities. Opt for outdoor activities and discover your skill. Head out to the sandy shores with professional adult anti-fog UV protection swimming goggles or sexy bikinis swimsuit, and have a wonderful and enjoyable trip amid nature.