Feed Your Wanderlust and Dive into the City of Angels

City of Angels

As with the name so is the city- mighty, glorious, joyful, one that does not rest. Los Angeles has everything for every people and traveller- the beautiful city, expansive beaches, the entertainment industry, and the gastronomical delight, and of course the popular nightlife.

Perhaps no other major city in America has a disputed name as that of Los Angeles. Though it is a Spanish word for The Angels, most Historians have their theory as to the origin of the name.  Whatever may be the reason for the naming, however, as you read through you will come across interesting facts that will make you make this city a must-visit.

A paradise

This city has lulled the immigrants to its paradise for a temperate climate, endless orange groves, and one that offers innumerable opportunities to earn money. An aggressive booster campaign that flaunted the city as heaven on earth, lulled many families from the east and Midwest to shift their base.

These booster campaigns gave countless nicknames to the city, from ‘Land of Eternal Spring’ to ‘The Wonder City of the United States, and also the home of ‘Sunkist Skies of Glory’. But, then the ‘City of Angels’ remains as the oldest and the most popular moniker. The term defines its multidimensional history that is engraved in the immigrants, expansion, mythology, and colonization. At LA you can discover festivals, cuisines, even educational opportunities, and the varied cultures of the communities that have made this city their home.

Los Angeles Sunkist Skies of Glory

An utterly compelling place

From weather to food to various tourist spots, LA has so much to offer. It is a bright city booming with sounds, bustling with crowds. This city has such a gravitational force, that you will love coming back to it, maybe you will never want to leave the angels, in the first place. A city that offers you to dream about Hollywood, or making a nice buck in business or you keep on exploring the varied hues of the city.

LA Food

A place for everyone

This beckons every type of person. Everyone has something to do, somewhere to go, something to see, or someone to meet in LA. The spirit of this place is ruled by the angels for it is comforting, welcoming, infectious, and to some extent empowering. It could be a little hard getting there [if money is an issue], wherever you want to be, soul-destroying or back-breaking, believe it, this city will never let you wallow in self-pity.

If it is going to happen, it’ll happen in LA

Well, that is the spirit of LA. It is a place for opportunity, bustling with crowd and noise, the inhabitants, the people on vacation, the expat communities keep the city moving. Hence, the city is one of the strongest performers in field of business, entertainment, trade and also the quality of life that the city has to offer. Any city or town has one or the other to offer. But LA remains the amalgamation of knowledge, political nous, the influence of varied culture, modernity, and how active the economy is. It is as if LA gets up to a new day, new stories every morning.

LA remains the first choice of international relocation for entrepreneurs as well as a wide range of professionals. So the city offers a wide range of professionals to have a career, in varied digital hubs of new start-ups to the punchy environment of electrifying fashion scenarios. If you want something, the City delivers on its promises.

The buoyant tourism

It is as if the city never sleeps.  It is bustling with activity day and night. The neon beams, the swapping-shifting of the sun rays with an effortless cool that overlaps during the golden hours is a sight to behold. Whether it is Santa Monica, Malibu, Disneyland, Hollywood, or the Beverly Hills, LA is packed with things that you already know. But apart from it, there are places that you might know less about, but they are worth your time, and your go-to-list to be kept with you at all times.

Los Angeles Buoyant Tourism

A mixture of sacred and secular, to partying and relaxing

Apart from the popular tourist attractions, if you boil down to essential bits, LA has much more to offer. You can hike up a mountain, take a swim in the sea, and see someone famous and shopping galore. So as you start booking your tickets, make sure you pack hiking boots, swimming suits, and enough space for souvenirs.

Let’s tempt you with some mind-blowing places that the City of Angels has to offer

  • Angels Point, Elysian Park- A place for baseball enthusiasts. But remains one of the picturesque places that are yet to be explored. You can take up the hike to a heavenly view, which is aptly called Angel’s Point. The peak is named after Elysium. There are different park trails and roads that lead to the point. The hike is lightweight, enough to pack Men’s Hiking Shoes, or can pack even Running Shoes.
  • Angels Gate, San Pedro- This is one view that you would want to capture on an Outdoor IP Camera or can even take Holy Stone HS210 Mini RC Drone [an ideal one to capture the scenario]. This place offers you a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean that will leave you with awe and wonder. From there you can also visit the Korean Friendship Bell and be delighted with the stone pavilion and hear stories of Korean spirits and Goddesses.
  • Angels Flight Railway, Downtown LA- While this one had been stopped for more than once but was revived and for now, it is continuing its functioning. Known as the “Shortest Railway in the World”, Angels Flight has been a landmark for almost 120 years in LA. This tiny train will take you on a ride that is quite steep to climb.
  • Monastery of the Angel’s, Hollywood- Visit the various cathedrals and churches that this city has to offer.
  • Banc of California Stadium, Exposition Park- LA’s first open-air stadium, Los Angeles Football Club, known as LA’s “Cathedral of Soccer’. Apart from soccer games, the Banc of California Stadium hosts concerts, festivals, and various sporting events- boxing, lacrosse, and rugby. So if you are lucky, you might catch a game or event.
  • Strap on your Sexy One Shoulder Bodysuit, Sandal Beach Shoes and head to experience The Pike, Long Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Redondo Beach Pier, Hermosa Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach Pier, Malibu Pier, Venice Fishing Pier
  • You are in LA and not visiting Casinos might not complete the trip. Visit these places and experience the nightlife. If you don’t like gambling, you can just sit and watch the crowd.
  • The culture and museums are sure going to excite you. Visit J. Paul Getty Museum, popularly known as The Getty, one of the preeminent art museums. The building is beautiful and the views are breathtaking, then you can visit the Grammy Museum. It has a diverse collection of interactive films and exhibits. A must-visit and indulge in the experience.
  • LA is the place where you will spot celebrities. Drive to The Grove and Farmers Market and watch your idols walking around. From foods to gawking at celebrities, this place is surely going to delight you.
  • For that adrenaline rush and if you are traveling with a kid, then head out to the Theme Park and the city has lots to offer. The Universal Studios, The Simpsons, The Terminator, The Jurassic Park are just a few. Explore some more and have fun. A perfect day with your family.
  • Quench your thirst and we are not talking about water. Many bars in LA have roof terraces and you can delight yourself with a glass of the finest choicest poison while enjoying the view from the terrace.
  • Explore the Laugh Factory, Franklin Village, Comedy Store, to name a few, to tingle your funny bones. Head out to more serious acts, such as the Geffen Playhouse, The Hollywood Pantages Theatre, and have fun.
  • LA is high on food and must be explored at any cost. Trust us when we say this, even if you are not a foodie, after the visit to the City of Angels, you will turn up.

Make this a part of your itinerary at least once in your lifetime

Along with wonderful places to explore, LA was amazing weather. While it can be warm in the morning, at night the temperature drops off to wear a jacket. You have museums to satisfy the historical tales, beautiful beaches, the Disney land to excite the child in you, the nightlife is one of the best you will love, outrageous drinks and food that will delight you.


With the relaxation in travels these days, visit the angels the LA. It welcomes everyone. Maybe one of those few cities in the world that welcomes you without being prejudiced. Take a look around, feel the vibe, indulge in the varied activities, the Los Angles is a city that you always wanted to be in.