Best Itinerary for Cruise Holiday


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Every day you wake up in a different place and a different country, unlike the classic holidays where you are stuck in one single place! On a cruise you have the opportunity to visit many different countries in the same holiday and also have time at sea, in the middle of nowhere surrounded only by the ocean. Here you can visit many shops on board, or dine at one of their speciality restaurant or even take part in activities put on by the crew! In a classic holiday. even if you visit different towns, you are still in the same country and same area.

With the cruise ships you can chose to see more or less depending on time and costs. You can chose cruises starting from 7 days up to 150 day!

The most popular destinations are:

Mediterranean Sea for visiting France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece or Turkey– ideal for cultural visits, new culinary experiences and sightseeing with all of what Europe can offer! Do not forget your swimming suits ! you will need it here. In one single journey you can visit few of the most iconic places in Europe like Coliseum, Vatican, Sagrada Familia, Acropolis and many, many more. Don’t forget the food – Italian, Spanish and Greek food is famous all over the world, the freshness of local products makes the difference and you will see that the taste is unique and very good.

Baltic Sea for Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, – ideal for cultural visits and beautiful scenery. Don’t miss Saint Petersburg – a great city with lot of beautiful and unique places like Hermitage and Tsars Palaces. Also another of Europe’s beauties are the Nordic countries. When visiting Sweden and Denmark, you will see why they are rated the highest in living standards and satisfaction.

Fjords Cruises – ideal for relaxing and beautiful scenery. The Norwegian and New Zealand Fjords are the most popular and most visited places, making their tourists feel like they are in another world. Don’t miss the other not so popular but extremely beautiful Fjords – in Montenegro and Chile.

Caribbean Sea— for all exotic places such as Barbados, Jamaica, Curacao, Aruba, Bermuda, Cuba and so on – there are a lot of small islands with stunning beaches and views – Ideal for relaxing on beaches, swimming, diving and tanning. Don’t miss out, try the private destinations! Very few cruise lines have their own private island tours. Private islands come with high standards, relaxation and a lot of sport activities on the islands. If you have enough courage, try the zip line! But be careful with local rum or with log drinks – local people like to make them very strong and you can get drunk very easily and become vulnerable. And yes it’s true – drinking run in the morning doesn’t make you drunk – it makes you a pirate!.

Asia Cruises— for China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Borneo, Singapore, Hong Kong and not at last India – ideal for cultural visits, new foods and scenery. You have the opportunity to explore the unique cities and their cultures in the four most beautiful, interesting and unique great cities – which everyone needs to have in their bucket list. Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. Don’t forget the Asian food – which has a very different taste than most people are used to. There are different ways of preparing food all over Asia – the Vietnamese kitchen, Chinese etc. Do not forget Indian food. A small bit of advice – do not make the common confusion regarding spicy food. For local people spicy is really spicy and most people who are not from this part of the world will find this extremely strong and will be unable to eat. If you ask for no spice, the food is great but you will still find ginger flavour which is not spicy for locals. Chilli is the preferred spice and has a very hot flavour.

If you have the money and time I strongly recommend the world cruise tour who takes you around the world in 5 months, visiting more than 50 countries and stops in almost 100 ports. You can experience crossing time zones when you gain or lose a day or a few hours from your life! Also you cross amazing places such as Panama and Suez channels. With one single journey you travel from Europe to America crossing the Atlantic Ocean, passing Panama Channel and sail to Honolulu and Australia, New Zealand, Asia and return by crossing India and Suez channel stopping in Dubai, Israel and Jordan. When arriving in the Mediterranean Sea you have the opportunity to see the majority of Europe and in the end arrive back home. It’s an incredible experience – strongly recommended. Please be aware you must be fit to travel from a medical point – it is a long journey in various places and most of them with very limited medical resources. Also don’t forget the insurance for travel, most of the agencies insure you for maximum 90 days and you need insurance for approximately 150 days.

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