Easy Homemade Thai Yellow Curry Paste


Let’s take you to a culinary tour to Thailand! It is a paradise for curry lovers. Yes, Thailand is famous for its’ sharp and pungent curry pastes often based on lemongrass, cilantro, chiles and garlic. Seasoned with tamarind, fish sauce, shrimp paste, lime and sugar; the final dish is adjusted to suit your taste at the table.

Just like other sumptuous curry pastes, Thai Yellow Curry Paste is much more than just a regular curry base. It is healthy and excels in taste and flavour that makes it perfect to serve a homemade lite curry soup or main course dinner at moment’s notice.

The best thing about Thai yellow curry paste is that the ingredients used in the paste are all fresh and healthy, such as ginger, red chilli, turmeric and cilantro. All of these are full of vitamins and rich in anti-bacterial benefits as well. The goodness of turmeric and ginger are great for immune boost, and fast internal healing. Home-made version of Thai yellow curry paste is especially better because all the ingredients are natural and handpicked and no artificial colours or preservatives are used.

Thai Yellow Curry Paste – Homemade vs Store Bought

Are you excited to make your own Thai yellow curry paste? Well, “it doesn’t sound easy yet”.

Technically, it is ‘easy’ to make curry paste but there’s a catch. It only takes a few minutes to make the curry paste, but what you need importantly is all these 13 fresh ingredients. Obviously not everyone wants to get involved in this mess. If you are up for the adventure then get all the ingredients at an Asian market and make it. So, you need to religiously follow tips and tricks on how to make homemade Thai yellow curry paste and get started!

What’s going to happen here is that finally when you are all set to make this yellow curry paste with your untiring effort and undivided attention, you will be giving yourself the gift of freshly made homemade curry ready to go at a moment’s notice and you can free this stuff as well. Your homemade Thai yellow curry will be on demand and it is a very good thing.

Tips for making good Thai yellow curry

When you make Thai food at home, make sure you use authentic Thai herbs like- Galangal, lime leaves, lemon grass stalks and Thai basil. These ingredients cannot be substituted if you want the authentic Thai flavour and taste.

If you are short on ingredients and want to compromise, then ginger and lemon zest can be added as substitutes for these. In that case taste and flavours will change considerably.

Thai basil has a delicate aroma that adds to the flavour of the curry. You can add Italian basil instead of Thai basil and this will also give a similar flavour.

In the Thai yellow curry, choose the vegetables you prefer eating. You can add carrots, baby corn, red bell pepper, button mushrooms, and Thai brinjals.

Do You Know How to Use Yellow Curry Paste?

You might already be a cooking enthusiast, but you would always love to know more about your curry pastes. There are endless ways to use this yellow curry paste. Pretty much all recipes which use red curry paste can also use yellow curry for a mild, not-so-spicy and turmeric forward flavour.

This is one curry paste that must find a place in your refrigerator, even when you are not a frequent Thai dish eater. It is full of flavours of a classic coconut chicken curry or anything you would love to try with Thai yellow curry paste. Homemade curry paste will help you serve a curry dinner just under 30 minutes. No matter what is the protein!

Try experimenting recipes using Yellow Curry Paste and make your husband kiss your hand!!

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