The thing that grabs your attention about the ’emerald city’ is it’s exciting atmosphere. It’s a city unlike any other I’ve visited although it reminds me slightly of Barcelona but with a more cosmopolitan vibe. Sydney Harbour is a fantastic place to just walk around, get lost in thought and watch all the trendy Aussies walk by. There are plenty of sophisticated restaurants, cute Instagrammable cafes and the Botanical Gardens next to Sydney Opera House are just so beautiful – you’ll never want to leave. The climate is a plus for sure, no need for a light jacket to go with that picnic! Sydney is a very photographic city. In front of the iconic Opera House is a must have place to take a selfie, as well as Darling Harbour and the many landmarks you can see taking the red hop on / off buses that are very reasonably priced. I found that this was a very practical way to see as much as I could of Sydney in a short space of time but beware the harsh glare of the sun on the top deck and wear a hat! I made this mistake and boy, did I suffer! If new threads are what you’re after then you won’t be disappointed as they have great shopping malls there, including a Westfield which houses very swanky designers – both international and Australian. I found some cute new outfits and really liked the Aussie style, very colourful, clean and simple. I was surprised at how many healthy options there were in their restaurants and fast-food joints. So many little independent barista coffee shops, many vegan, gluten-free and keto options, it was a haven for anyone with any kind of intolerance! They had very inventive desserts that we don’t have in England, such as delicious coconut tapioca pearl mousse. It’s very easy to get around Sydney, either by tram, taxi, uber or bus. You can walk around the harbour and find many things to do there, or venture out further, to say, famous Bondi Beach (around a half hour uber ride).
Again, the atmosphere there is electric and friendly, a surfers haven, and all round great place to just chill. It’s really a must see when in Sydney. There is a 6km coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach which takes a few hours. I did half of the walk and took in many other stunning beaches along the way. There are fantastic vantage points for photographs and it’s very peaceful. 
There’s a cute little family-run restaurant in the Rocks neighbourhood, right by the cruise terminal, called Appetito, which I highly recommend. Their pasta and pizza was well-priced and the service was wonderful. Another worthy mention is The Glenmore Hotel, also in the Rocks, who has the most amazing rooftop bar and serves the most amazing espresso martinis. If you haven’t tried one, now is the time!
To summarize, Sydney is a stunning coastal metropolis filled with famous landmarks. Why not take a cruise in the future and sail in with style!