Relax in Vienna What to Do and Where to Go

Relax in Vienna,  what to do and where to go

Relax in Vienna

What to Do and Where to Go ?

Vienna has always been a popular and famous destination not only due to its rich history, food, art and culture but also because of the lifestyle and the Austrian way to be.

Vienna from Airport to City Center

There are two rapid and cheap travel options to get you from the airport to your hotel quickly.  One is the green line or the train which is clearly advertised after exiting the airplane until reaching the airport exit but is priced comparative with the national rail line. However, the red line is only a fraction of price and is cheap,  modern and offers a similar transport time of approximately 20 minutes and surprisingly, seems to run more frequently than the more expensive green line.

Our recomandations is the red line which is OBB cheap and reliable,  with the first stop being the central station of Vienna.  From here you have multiple options of onward transport such as trams, underground or the bus. If you are a fann of cycling or use alternative teansports as electric scooters you can rent from designated stations throughout Vienna. If you prefer to travel in style and make a perfect aristocratic impression you can take the horse carriage from city centre, guaranteed to ensure you arrive in style whilst having enough time to see all the old buildings and their beautiful architecture and the statues and historic monuments.

horse carriage from city centreIf you are fan of the more typical touristic approach you can take the hop on hop off bus as in most of European cities. Alternatively, you can try a more modern version of the city bus tour, enjoying the virtual reality devices provided who give you a modern complete vision of Vienna city. If you are in rush to reach your destination, you can easily find a taxi. If walking, take care of cycling lanes, they are very well organised and cyclists travel at very high speeds so is not recomanded to cross or step over these lines without extra caution.

What to eat in Vienna?

Surprisingly Vienna offers lot of food options for every taste and expectations.  Let’s start with the cheap and fast options. The very tasty wurst, can be found in many places in city centre almost on every street corners there are  designated food trucks who sell this type of traditional sausages.  They are very tasty and the smell of the fried sausages are guaranteed to make your mouth water instantly.  You can choose the original one (pork based) the beef one or our favourite was the pork with cedar cheese – it is delicious and the melted cheese inside ensures a perfect flavour, served with fresh bread and mustard. Perfectly accompanied with a local beer or two, as is known German/Austrian beer is one of the best.

If you want to try different cuisine you have plenty of options from Chinese, Asian to fish specialities or Australian restaurants. We have two recomandations from this category.

First if you are a fan of pasta you must try Vapiano. This place is amazing with fresh pasta made in front of you, everything is fresh and tasty cooked in quick and efficient Italian style.  We tried the seafood risotto and found it to be delicious. Upstairs in the restaurant you can enjoy a drink from famous Vienna spritz to great Italian wines. If you wish to embrace the atmosphere have a light and refreshing  Apertol.

lobster in vienna For fish and seafood lovers you can try Nordsee, a fast food restaurant with delicious fish specialities and fresh lobster at a fraction of the price of other specialised restaurants.  For pizza lovers there are plenty of places, all very good with a very high competition.  We tried pizza Venezia and thought it was fantastic,  made in traditional way with the pizza prepared in front of you with the dough kneeded, moulded and stretched in front of you and cooked to perfection in a wooden oven.

If you have a sweet tooth Vienna has so many options of chocolatiers with hand made chocolate  (very expensive – the price is per 100 grams not per item). Our recommendation would have to be Aida, located in the centre and offering a multitude of delicious strudels (apple or sweet cheese), chocolate cake or chocolate specialities.  Everything inside is pink and the servers are dressed in pink reminding me of faries who bring you sweets.

For more posh and refined food experience you need to have reservations made in plenty of time in advance.  There are a few highly reputable famous restaurants in Vienna offering an incredible dining experience.  You can try Plachutta or Figmuller restaurants, here you can have the original receipe and taste of Vienna schnitzel or the special beef soup selection, the preferred food of the Emperor of Vienna.

plachuttaThe entire experience is unique,  you need to start with the soup and vegetables,  after to try the delicious bone marrows of beef bone with toasted bread and finally sample the delicious beef with a selection of different fried courgette and potatoes, salad or spinach,  horseradish or sour cream sauces. Take care, there are different types of beef meat and for the best experience ask the waiter about what they have on the menu.  Our team have tried five different types of beef and found a big difference between taste, consistency and flavour of the dishes.

Coffee in Vienna is perfect, balanced and the taste is fantastic.  There are lot of options with milk or cream but if want to feel the real full arabica taste simply take it black. You will feel instantly awake and feel the joy of life.

Attractions in Vienna

There are lot of Attractions around and most of them you can book with no difficulties online or physically in front of the venues.  A unique experience is Spanish Riding School Show which should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.  The elegance and beauty of both the Lipitan horses and the show is exquisite.  This experience is unique to Vienna and I guarantee you will enjoy it immensely.

For history lovers you have the Schönbrunn Palace with all the beautiful rooms, collections gardens and buildings.  There are a few tours depending on your available time but ideally the full tour with all rooms, buildings and gardens is recommended.  If you’re  travelling with kids don’t miss the Schönbrunn Zoo, you can easily spend the entire day there and the kids will love it.  If you like classic art and music Vienna is the place to be. Here in almost all churches or show venues you have nightly concerts with classic music, opera, theatre or ballet.  Everywhere you can hear Mozart, Vivaldi or Beethoven.  Even on the streets you can find a talented performer singing opera or playing classical arias on violin or other instruments.schönbrunn palace

Shopping in Vienna

In Vienna you can find all the big well known brands in the world with luxurious shops in city centre.  You can see and feel the true quality,  design and feeling of luxury. All products look perfect and give the impression of a perfect match with your personality and your body. From jewellery, watches, shoes and clothing to supercars. Here you will find all of them from Cartier, Chanel, Rolex, Gucci, Omega, Tag, Dior, Hublot and many many more. Hope you have a platinum unlimited card for shopping  and hands to carry all the bags. All shops accept cards and for different currency you have exchange offices. However, there are only few places which take cash only so please be prepared with cash in your pocket when you go shopping.

English speaking people are all over so no communication problems at all.

Before going on holiday don’t forget to check the latest health travel advice from

Your Pocket Nurse Health Advice for Travellers

In Vienna you will breath and feel luxury in the air

I hope you will like our recomandations for Vienna and please don’t hesitate to like, share, contact us or to leave your comments, recommendations or experiences in our comment section of the article.

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