Relax in Romania

relax in romania

Relax in Romania

Most people have heard of Romania and I am curious how much our readers actually know about it.  Relax Around The World have just visited Romania and we want to share with our readers what we have discovered. We thank our sponsors Carro Delivery for the opportunity, support and guidance.

A few facts about Romania:

  • Romania has a lot of natural beauties and attractions to visit. It is full of both geological and architectural wonders including, hills, mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, caves, untouched forests and national parks, Black Sea coastline, archaeological sites, fortified churches, medieval towns, modern cities. Romania marks the end of the Danube creating the rich Delta, teaming with nature.
  • Agriculture is very advanced in this country with the high quality soil feeding Romania and exporting to half of the EU population in a productive year.
  • Food is fantastic everywhere you go, with specific food in regional specialities – mainly very delicious meat dishes. One very famous and specific dish is similar to the Turkish kofte kebab, but the recipe is better and more delicious. Named mici or mititei meaning ‘small’ in English (likely due to the size); they are very delicious accompanied with a bit of mustard and fresh bread. Try Romanian beer after – it is one of the most appreciated in the region because of the pure and high-quality water used for production.
  • When travelling to Romania you can use your card or exchange for some local currency. Although they are in European Union, they still use the local currency RON instead of euro. But don’t be worried, in all towns and villages payment with card or the use of cash machines is widely available.
  • If you are considering buying a meaningful gift you need to look for a traditional Iia. This is a very special and personalised shirt. Made from natural fibres only, containing specific symbols and traditional signs specific for the region where the person is. They are worn by both men and women and they are very beautiful and flattering. In Romanian culture they are traditionally inherited for generations made by grandaughters with guidance by their grandmothers, for their futures husbands. Some families have Iia which are more than 100 years old. In the past this shirt was like a passport containing the English version of a Coat-of-Arms, everyone can recognize you and your birth place/family, depending on the hand embroidered symbols on your shirt. This was particularly useful in war times to help identify people who were returning from war very badly injured or unable to identify themselves without official documents. Many people were identified from these shirts, specific and individual for every region, village, and family. This was a great help in returning them to their families and villages. Nowadays these shirts are used on special occasions, for religious days and important family occasions. They can be quite expensive, but they are unique, and hand made. There are regional versions of these shirts that tourists can purchase.
  • If you like good quality alcohol, then Romania is the place. If you come here, please try one of the specific local drinks. If like you are a beer lover, you can find a lot of varieties all delicious and refreshing due to how Romanians brew with the most pure, natural spring water. Most of the factories extract this water from deep water reserves which are naturally filtered for centuries.
  • If wine is more your thing, Romania is famous for one type of wine which contains grapes only found in Romania. You will not find this wine in any other country, and it is specific for the region. Look for Feteasca Neagra – it is a delicious light red wine very appreciated after meat dishes.
  • Alternatively, if you like a stronger alcoholic drink, then you need to try the local Tuica or Palinka. It is made by distilled fermented fruits like pears, plums or grapes with the most popular and tasty being the plum. After the natural fermentation process, it is distilled giving you initially Tuica which is not too strong, around 20 – 25% alcohol. The locals then take this Tuica and distil again making the new liquor stronger but less flavoured able to feel a very subtle fruit aroma. This is then named Palinca which is far stronger containing around 40 % of alcohol (the commercial version). Our personal recommendation is for a triple distilled Palinca which is around 55 -65%, however, you can find this only from locals who brew their own drinks from their own fruits. The locals consider their Palinca to be the best medicine for most ailments.  Whether you are feeling happy, sad, worried or feeling unwell with a cold, stomach cramps, lost appetite, Palinca can cure all. The effects are particularly interesting when given for stomach pains, after the first shot you can’t feel anything and your legs turn to jelly. After the second shot usually you are unable or too lazy to get up and after the third is not recommended to try to walk at all.
  • For a gentler and sweeter alternative, why not try Visinata. The Romanian version of the popular Portuguese Ginja, this is a delicious syrup like liquor made from sour cherries that have been fermented with sugar and alcohol and left to macerate for many months.

Relax in Romania


When is the best time to visit Romania? Any time! With something to do in every season.


  • In winter you can head to the mountains for skiing or just to spend a few nights in a nice resort surrounded by snow, fresh air and lot of tourist attractions. Best time is around Christmas and New Year when the traditional food and traditional customs are so beautiful and unique. Mainly the Romanians start to celebrate with the best food and drinks from 24 December till 7 January when they consider it to be the single period of the year where everybody needs to relax and enjoy a rest after a full year of work.  Also, as an option you can visit one of the multiple medieval towns where most have beautiful and traditional Christmas markets and wonderful places to visit and enjoy. If you are a nature lover please be aware Romania still has wild wolves and bears with a particularly bad attitude over the winter period. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter one of these animals, it is best to not shout, scream or throw anything as it may be the last thing you do. Ideally, freeze and do not move at all and they will likely leave you alone and remain uninterested and importantly unthreatened by you. If you have a bag containing food leave it for the animals to help themselves – they will be less likely to eat you.
  • In Spring, visit one of the multiple national parks containing some of the few remaining untouched and protected forests in Europe. If you are a lover of nature, then this is the perfect time to visit. See nature come to life with some of the most unique and beautiful mountainous flora and fauna in their natural environment which is spectacular.
  • In summer – you can rest on the beach on Black Sea coast. Here you can find lots of beautiful beaches, some which are perfect for kids and families or others more popular amongst young people and students. There are also more exclusive beaches with luxury services for the most pretentious of visitor. The Black Sea is where Romania is most famous for the night clubs and night life during the summer. If you prefer nature and more relaxing beauty, the Danube Delta is another preferred destination, the source of Romania’s caviar
  • Autumn is best for hiking on hills and mountains, perfect time to visit the few medieval castles and fortified cities. During this period, you can find lots of good food and drinks and most cities have their yearly harvest celebration in September when you can celebrate with the locals, drink fresh grape juice with barbequed lamb steak whilst enjoying the traditional music and dancing.
  • If you’re a fan of the city culture, you may experience a city break all year round. With many big cities to choose from such as, Bucharest , Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu and so on.. There are a few historical sites open all year round where you can experience both medieval and modern history from Dracula’s Castle to Parliament House (former People House) the biggest administrative house, second only after the Pentagon which was the house of Romania’s former communist dictator.

Relax in Delta DunariiRomania remains an undiscovered (for many) and unspoilt destination. Diverse in its history, food, and culture, all amongst some of the most varied and beautiful landscapes imaginable. The people are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, happy to help any visitor to their region and pleased to share their knowledge and culture with you. Most are able to speak many other European languages also which will help you to get about and discover the multitude of wonders this country offers.