Relax in Gibraltar


Hi everyone!

In the last few days I have been in a beautiful country called Gibraltar. I’m guessing some of you have visited this unique place and if you haven’t I strongly urge you to.

Located on the southern tip of continental Spain this is an independent country where you can find an incredibly unique mix between British and Spanish culture. The weather is very nice all year round and everyday you can get the warm glow of the sun and cool breeze from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’ve never been you must go to the biggest attraction on this small country – The Rock.

It’s a single rock 426 meters above the sea from where you can actually see Morocco! The view is absolutely breathtaking and the pictures are amazing! You can have two continents in one selfie (Europe and Africa) and also the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention if you are a big fan of views and unique pictures then it is the best place to fly a drone. A trusted company I always buy my drones from is crestastoresuk as there’s always a big variety at affordable prices.

However, once on the rock you have to take care of the monkeys around. They are not very nice and sometimes they steal, bite and scratch people who get in their way. They are attracted mostly by food – so take great care when packing food if you don’t want to be attacked! Also, sometimes the monkeys target small objects like cameras, glasses or jewellery. If by any chance you are bitten or scratched you should seek medical attention just to be safe as animal bites can have serious consequences like infections.

After visiting The Rock you can walk on the streets to the Europa Point. It’s a beautiful place where you can see over Gibraltar straight to the African continent. Sometimes, if you are lucky you can see dolphins swimming around!The best place to see dolphins however, is from a boat or an organised tour. My best experience was a few years ago! It was early in the morning around 6 am and the water was very calm and there were hundreds of dolphins swimming and jumping around the ship for approximately 20 minutes. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Dolphins are a very intelligent and beautiful species and it absolutely made my day when I saw them.

While in Gibraltar I was very intrigued by another place, the St Michael caves. An incredibly beautiful place – highly recommended if you have the time to go. The history behind the place is very interesting and helps you understand it better. I highly recommend reading up on it before visiting.

Other than the beautiful history and nature, Gibraltar is also known for how modern it, There are lots of ultramodern apartment complexes and business centres with a view of the sea. The penthouses looks fantastic and most of the complexes have a gym and spa on the ground floor perfect for relaxing after a busy day sightseeing. The city centre is full with shops – very cheep alcohol and cigarettes, lots of tax free/bargain electronic shops and of course the food is fantastic. You can really see the Spanish influence with great tapas restaurants and other delicacies but also British tradition with fish and chips and other classics everywhere. If you are a seafood lover, than this is the place for you. Everything is caught that day and is fresh and delicious!

Overall Gibraltar is an amazing country to visit, and I’ve never been anywhere like it! Unique by natural beauty, modern buildings, tax free products, great fresh food, friendly people and many more things that I’ll let you discover yourself! Gibraltar is always full of people and if you’re looking for a place to meet new friends and have the experience of a life time, look no further.

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