Most Beautiful Arctic Destinations You Cannot Miss Out


To the adventure freaks, there are few places in the world as tempting as those trapped in ice. Polar destinations are as satisfying and pristine as they are inhospitable,

and the fact that these places are rarely inhabited make them that much more alluring. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, there’s a world of possibilities awaiting those who venture to the most beautiful arctic destinations.

The Arctic has entered into the luxury traveller’s must-visit lists. An interesting thing about Arctic is that for a very long time cruises were so exotic that they were almost the thing of fantasy. Nowadays the Arctic has been explored and cruises run in gamut. Plus there is the provision that you get up close and personal with the wonders of the North.

But once you are all set to visit the most beautiful Arctic destinations, how do you decide which part to visit? Since it is a huge, diverse region, the whole of Arctic can’t be fully explored in one trip. Thus it is important to prioritise what you want to see and experience- whether it is watching the northern lights, capturing the stunning landscapes, looking for wildlife, or learning about the cultures of the people. Here is a guide helping you choose the most beautiful Arctic destinations you should travel to that will give you the experience you’re looking for.

Arctic Safari- Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is a chain of islands at the north of the Arctic Circle. It is the largest island in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Svalbard is scarce of human traces, so it is one of the most recommended places in the Arctic to view an impressive variety of wildlife. It is one of the ideal environments to look for polar bears, and is also home to distinctive wildlife such as reindeer, Arctic foxes, seals, walruses and vast numbers of migratory seabirds. The most striking glacier-carved landscapes will be a stunning view to all who explore the island’s shores.


This spectacular landscape exemplifies what many people visualise when they hear “Arctic.” The island is geologically active, which, combined with glaciers to shape a unique landscape that is strikingly and breathtakingly beautiful. This amazing landscape provides many opportunities to travellers, including, back country treks, and mountain biking tours and explore the epic peaks, waterfalls, and volcanic plains of Iceland. Although Iceland is not the only destination to explore Arctic culture or wildlife, but it draws travellers with its exquisite beauty and opportunities for active adventure.


This large Arctic island provides some of the best opportunities for travel enthusiasts to connect with the local people who are native to the Arctic landscape. The Indigenous people of this huge is land have a vibrant culture and unique way of life, dictated by the harsh climate of Arctic region. Greenland is one of the longest-settled regions. Travellers are attracted to this high Arctic culture to see its big, spectacular fjords, glaciers, and icebergs, and meet the people who are native to this island.

Northwest Passage

Want to sail across the traditional sailing route? “The Northwest Passage” is the traditional sailing route connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific via the Arctic Ocean. Travellers interested to explore this passage should be aware that this is a long way cruise. This interesting sailing from Greenland to Alaska offers greater opportunities to view massive icebergs, high Arctic towns, view wildlife, and watch for northern lights. This route is not open throughout the year. It is available for travellers only for a short period of time when the ice floes allow safe passage. For those who want a lifetime experience, the Northwest Passage is something you cannot miss.

So, these are in short a list of must-visit places when you are in Arctic destination. You can follow this and make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one.

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