Be A Wellness Traveller-A Holistic Approach to Life with Thai Wellness Spa

Wellness Spa

What a life we are leading? Worry etched on the face, stress taking a toll on your mind and body. It is as if machines are at work. You are enduring stress either at work, or home, and now this pandemic seems never-ending and one which refuses to go away. It seems stress has become constant in your life. If you are thinking that your spouse leaving you might reduce your stress, then let us tell you, it won’t. Stress remains in one form or another. It is as if stress has become an undeniable part of our life. With the lifestyle, we are leading and the constant pressure that we face at home, the workplace, and the things happening around us, you are always stressed out. Though there is nothing you can do to stop it. But there is a way that might reduce your stress and one that might help you to relax.

When you visit a spa you will tell about a variety of spa treatments. These treatments are designed in such a way that it not relaxes and unwind your tired body, but also help to de-stress from all the negativity that you face from the world.  Deprivation of sleep, pressure at the workplace or home, lack of nutrition, and many other factors lead to body aches, restlessness, and pains. The spa is the ‘me time’ that you allow yourself away from all the stress and negativity.

What is a wellness spa all about?

The spa and wellness industry is all about giving the best service to its clients and hence a service-oriented industry, which is similar to the hospitality industry. It focuses on the well-being of its clients. Most hotels are now into wellness spas to provide their clients with the best psychological and physical aspects.  There are personalised programmes that will be designed according to the specific situation of each person. Hence, there is no chance that you will return with bad results.

Wellness spa focuses on influencing all the aspects of mind and body in a balanced way. So how it is different from a conventional spa? It is just an advanced aspect of conventional spa, by combining usual therapies with the essential factors, complemented by nutritional methods and advanced medicine. All these combined make considerable changes in the body and mind. Wellness spa helps in distressing yourself, relaxes your mind and body, and prevention on aging.

Total wellbeing of mind and body

It is proven time and again that wellness spa follows the core philosophy that mind and body should be in total conjunction towards total well-being. This is attained by the highly skilled and well-trained practitioners at the wellness centre. Skilfully they promote relaxation, offering many aesthetically attractive features in the form of warm treatment tables, lowered lightning as well as therapeutic hydrotherapy. Your sex senses are integrated with a whole new experience and move your mindset to harness stress and anxiety.

The sprout of wellness spa tourism around the world

They sprout in well spa tourism is due to people who want to experience not only well-being but also want to expand their cultural horizons. As you plan your travel expeditions, wellness spa tourism puts your well-being and your health at the top list of your travel itinerary. Wellness trips centres around the spa, exercise, healthy food, treatment, and chances to experience creativity and spirituality. You learn how to relax, to care for yourself, you are made mentally sound, your senses are activated, and your creativity is enhanced.

The entire atmosphere is geared towards the well-being of yourself. The temptation to overheat or overdrink after a day of fun activities is minimised. The very foundation of wellness spa centres around nutritious food and activities. Hence, supporting the best of your health.

Wellness tourism oversees

It is guaranteed that once you take up a wellness spa vacation, you will be going for one at repeated intervals. It is because a wellness spa vacation satisfies your mind and soul as no other vacation does. If you are looking for some authentic Ayurveda treatments along with yoga classes, then head to the country where it originated, India. Or head to Thailand for a beach-front destination spa. Here the spa is a combination of ancient therapies of the East with the Western diagnosis techniques that rejuvenates your soul, mind, and then the body. All the programs and treatments can be personalized, while the treatments are available for reducing stress, weight management, and detox. The specialty of the place is the famous Thai massage.

A specialty of Thai massage

The land of smiles offers you one of the best Spa massages since it is one of the best massages that will rejuvenate you like anything, it is easy on your pockets, and incredibly relaxing. They still follow the ancient therapy, one which was used by Shivago Komarpaj, a physician to Gautam Buddha. The technique, medicines, and oils used in Thai massage have been passed down through generations, and hence they are still one of the most sought after.

One of the health benefits that you get from Thai massage is relieving your stress and tension in muscles and joints. Just a few minutes into the session and you will feel incredible and fresh. Also, some studies are indicating that Thai massage can be used as a complementary therapy for autistic children. Similarly, those suffering from back pain can get relief from Thai massage.

Your expectation, their treatment

You must be visualising a comfortable sleep on the bed, with the people offering spa treatment lulling you to sleep. This might happen eventually, but in the beginning something you must be prepared for to get into that feeling of rejuvenation. During the session, the Thai massage therapist will pull, stretch and rock every limb of your body. They will be using their elbows, thumbs, and knees as a part of the massage ritual. This is what makes the Thai Wellness Spa session different from other parts of the world. Though not painful, it can be quite an unpleasant experience. To say Thai therapists are not gentle [hence don’t fall for their looks]. Although the masseuse will take into account your size and age to make the session either less or more intense. Get a Ulefone Armor 5 to snap a few pictures of the session.

UNESCO recognition for Thai wellness spa tourism

Yes, you read that right. All the more reason to take a trip for a healthy lifestyle while traveling. The wellness spa had its origin in India. However, for centuries it has been practiced in Thailand. The masseur targets the acupressure points with thumbs, knees, elbows, and feet, incorporating contortions and stretches. This therapy was brought to Thailand around 2500 years ago, passing down the tradition to those who are interested to learn. Hence, making it popular and effective too. Most traditions fail to keep up with recent techniques but not Thai wellness spa. It still retains the traditional form and this is what it makes the most popular form of massage and spa.

Opting for Thai wellness spa tourism

The wellness spa tourism has been a recent spurt with many opting for rejuvenating themselves. The wellness spa is quite popular in Asian countries with some European countries too indulging in the same. However, the wellness spa of Thailand remains the most popular form of tourism. The reason is due to alternative treatments that instantly rejuvenate and maintain balance among spirit, body, and mind.

The sessions in the wellness spa help you to combat your stress and negative qualities. With the help of this much-needed therapy, your travel turns into an opportunity to improve and maintain your holistic approach to mind, body, and soul.

Wellness tourism is not a medical tourism

Medical tourism means going to some better place for getting surgery or being treated for the disease that you have been suffering from for quite a long time or maybe for better medical attention. Because you get higher-quality treatment, more affordable, and also maybe it is unavailable at your place.

You are indulging in your work and lifestyle and are stressed about it. With no time or little time for pleasure. You book your tickets for Thailand and get indulge in wellness spa and massage to reduce stress, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Overall, you try to enhance your well-being. This is how you indulge in wellness spa and massage, thus boosting the tourism of the place.

The much-needed Thai wellness spa therapy

With so much going around the world, you need a trip away from the daily chores and restlessness. A little time away from that hectic schedule to appreciate life around you. With a pandemic creating havoc in life, you don’t know what is going to happen the next moment. But overthinking won’t lead you anywhere, it just aggravates your health and peace of mind. Hence, spending some time at the spa will rejuvenate you and you can be back to your life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

When you are planning for a wellness spa trip, you just need to pack only the essentials into your leather handbags fashion shoulder bag, for the man you can carry a canvas multifunction messenger shoulder bag.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to the land of wonderful spas and indulge in being lazy, but rejuvenated enough to start with renewed energy and vigour.