New Jersey – The New Gambling Hangout


“A wife bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to prove a point to her husband that it was a waste of money, however, she won the money”. A bizarre turn of events. Well, the world of gambling is fun as well as bizarre. Some people are driven to gambling because of loneliness and out of boredom, while some are driven to it because it provides excitement and stimulation. It is usually said, like drugs, gambling too is a form of addiction.

Reasons people love gambling

  • Hoping for a big win leads people to keep on trying their luck. Most gamblers keep on gambling thinking of hitting the jackpot, thus winning a huge amount of money. This mindset pushes them to deposit more and more money, believing that they might win the next round. Stories of people winning also propels them to be optimistic and think they  too will win the game. Dreams of winning big make them lose huge amounts of money
  • Some people also take up gambling to solve their ever-accumulating financial crisis, thinking that it might be the only shortcut that might solve all their problems in a jiffy (but that is usually very far from the case!)
  • Gambling sites can be accessed from anywhere, making it easier to log onto either from work or on vacation.
  • The media advertises gambling sites, by portraying glamorous images.
  • Some people do it for fun or a hobby. Even after losing, some gamble just for excitement and fun.
  • Others gamble to socialize, a different way to find friendship and new acquaintances
  • It is also a great way to keep your mind diverted from family problems or work-related stress.
  • There are some gambling sites that are used to raise money for charity. Here, even if a player loses they continue gambling just for the sake of raising more and more money to go towards a charity.

The gambling motivation

Do you know why people gamble? Or the motivation lying behind it? The reasons behind it are the ready availability of gambling and the cultural acceptability. However, many never gamble, while some just love gambling irrespective of anything. While some others do it because they believe that gambling is the shortcut to solve all their financial problems. Gambling is not a unitary phenomenon rather multifaceted. This is because many factors come into play at different levels in different ways which could be social, psychological, or biological.

So what are you waiting for book and plan a trip to New Jersey

Yes, you heard that right. New Jersey it is. For beaches? No, to discover your new haven for gambling. Since 2019, when the Supreme Court overturned the ban on wagers, there has been a surge in sports bets. As well as heading to the casinos, people are betting online. A large contingent of New Yorkers are traveling to New Jersey for the betting part. Most of this betting is taking place when the commuters are waiting to get onto a means of public transport. With the help of Geolocation software, the bettors can continue betting at the various sites just by being present in the state.

The state has seen a spurt within the casinos, for on-the-spot-betting at the premises of the casino. However, the phenomenon of border hopping from New York to New Jersey to bet online has been prevalent for the last few years before the pandemic hit us hard.

When the pandemic struck, many thought casinos would suffer greatly where in fact activity within online casinos has actually increased – not great for employment perhaps. It has doubled as a result of a complete shutdown. In 2018 when New Jersey challenged the US gambling laws, it put itself on the map by legalizing sports betting. Now the inhabitants of New Jersey enjoy a lot of freedom to bet on games and sports, placing bets on racetracks, casinos, and other venues. It has grown only stronger towards the end of 2020, even during these pandemic times, the market has showcased the power to perform strongly. It seems the New Jersey sportsbook market has just grown stronger during this turbulent period.

A comprehensive list of the best

These online casinos are the best of North Jersey:

  • BetMGM Casino- Great live dealer action
  • Borgato Casino- An online Atlantic city
  • Unibet Casino- Great free play options
  • Draftkings Casino- So beginner-friendly
  • Pala Casino-Brilliant for blackjack

Casinos are opening in New Jersey

With all the safety measures in place, Casinos in New Jersey are again opening up. Everyone at the casino must wear a face mask and to maintain social distancing. Although many casinos are working under strict restrictions, however, there has been an influx of people to come and play at casinos. As compared to other states, New Jersey gambling laws are among the least restrictive. It was in 2013 that the state started with online gambling, which proved to be the saviour for most casinos in the state when the pandemic struck.

Gambling and casinos at New Jersey

The must-visit casinos and gambling in New Jersey are:-

  • Borgato Casino
  • Caesars Atlantic City Casino
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • Ocean Resort Casino
  • Harrah’s Atlantic City Casio
  • Tropicana Casio
  • Resorts Casino Hotel
  • Bally’s Atlantic City Casino
  • Wild Wild West Casino
  • Golden Nugget Casino
  • Island Breeze Casino
  • William Hill Sportsbook Tropicana
  • Monmouth Park Racetrack
  • Gateway 26 Casino
  • Freehold Raceway
  • Favourites at Toms River.

Humans by nature love to take risks

You know that adrenaline rush when realise you are likely going to fail, but you are ready to take the plunge. This is what gambling does to the human mind. Chances are that you might win something big for little investment, which is why many take the risk. Gambling provides with its unique psychology. One feels omnipotent during their time spent gambling, it is only when you walk away penniless that the hard reality hits and you realise you were wrong to take the risk. Sadly, many can not resist returning to try again once they have a few more coins in their pocket. Such is the addictive nature of gambling.

Try it once – once in a lifetime

Whatever it may be, everyone should try this joyful experience. Modern societies think gambling is another activity that one takes up in their free time for joy and fun, and also for bonding with their neighbours. Too much in excess of anything is bad and that goes for gambling but that does not mean that you won’t try it out once. Try visiting one of the famous casinos, and feel the vibe of the place. The aura of a casino is something that you would never want to miss out on. Gambling throws open a wide range of fun and excitement. Let’s get you into one of the best casinos that this has to offer, ready to gamble and rock and roll. We recommend setting a budget beforehand, remaining sober enough to remain sensible and accepting before you start, that you will leave with less money than you arrived with. Attending a casino in this mind-frame, will make for a joyful experience.

Some lose money, while also helping the economy

You may spend your hard-earned money in it for fun and recreation, while for many their employment within the casino is their livelihoods. Yes, that is the irony of a casino. From operating the games to serving the clients, and looking after the day-to-day activities of the place. Casinos boost tourism, create valuable employment opportunities.  Even the Government and the state are benefit from the taxes that they receive for licenses and regulations.

Bet to win

People love gambling because they love winning, they then become willing to invest more for the chance of further winnings. Remember, no matter what may be the reason gambling can be a life-changer. Any little win can boost your mind with a little bit of dopamine. Just remember not to spend all the money. Take the minimum risk, make the minimum investment and enjoy your gambling.

Benefits of gambling at online casinos

  • Log in from a mobile app or laptop or desktop, and gamble from anywhere within state boundaries.
  • Compared to land-based casinos, online offers more promotional incentives
  • With just an ample virtual space, you can download limitless casino games. Or can even play against a live dealer or play casino table games through a live stream.
  • Betting on sports
  • Online gaming sites assure your privacy while providing secured software and also payment gateways.

The end story of that beautiful love story

Yes, we love money. Yes, we want all the money very fast. Hence, the appeal of gambling. Gambling provides us with the motivation (to win the next game), suspense (of whether or not you will get your desired number), and the adrenaline rush (of getting into the process of gambling and winning) without jumping off a cliff, or out of an aeroplane.  You might change your life forever, not by winning the money, but by reveling in the fun-filled, music-filled, noise-filled atmosphere, making fantastic memories and enjoying the company of friends.