Leave The Paved Road and Tread onto The Rugged Terrains and Trails

Camping Survival Compass

“We don’t stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old when we stop hiking”. The invigorating views of sunset and sunrise, pushing yourself to be with the wilderness, and the quiet moments of self-reflection, trekking where there is no path can have several benefits. Benefits that induce strength and peace, both physically and mentally.

The fast-paced life has made us so stressed out and pressurized that a weekend spent amid the concrete jungle, being surrounded by greenery and trails. This weekend prepares yourself for a day full of hiking.

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps”

There are various reasons why you should regularly go trekking.

  • Hours in Gym vs hiking at weekends- It improves your mental and physical immensely. Getting up early, walking on hours on the trail, ascending and descending hills, hopping around rocks, the breath of fresh air, climbing around boulders rejuvenates your body and mindfully. It is more beneficial than spending hours in the gym. While trekking it gives your whole body a workout, improves your strength and agility.
  • Counteract stress by exposing yourself to nature- Cleanse your mind by spending time amid nature. It automatically helps your mind from worries and stress. While you trek you need to be focused on the rugged terrains and various other activities. The dramatic scenery and the majestic vistas relax your mind, refresh your inner emotions while bringing good vibes in you.
  • Trekking is equivalent to healing- When you take up trekking it elevates your senses, which in turn activates your mood, building your self-esteem. This surges your confidence in yourself and heals you immensely.
  • Retrospect your life- Feeling devastated or emotionally drained, trekking can be a means to put your problems into perspective. Regardless of whatever life throws in your way, from stress and tension at the family to demanding jobs to failed relationships, spending a day or two while walking around in nature helps you heal and think things in a new light. You might even find solutions to all your miseries and problems by looking around and feeling the surroundings.
  • Feel the things around you- Going around in the jungle, crossing over the river or stream, walking uphill and down, feel the wind around you, the sun warming your cheeks is what trekking has in store for you. Feel nature in all its grandeur. Watch a colony of ants working tirelessly, hear the birds chirping in the wilderness, watch small fishes curiously peering at you from the stream, spend a night in the open watching the wide sky and twinkling stars. All these and many more that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.
  • Become social- Our busy lives do not let us interact with others. While on trekking, chances are that you might come across other trekkers. While trekking you communicate with strangers, help each other during difficult trekking, motivating, encouraging, and sharing your experiences. All this and many more increases your ability to get along with others and adjust. Depending on technology is nil and hence you get to know others in your group, stimulating conversations.
  • Development of organisational and management skills- Believe it or not, when you plan for trekking it develops your management skills. For instance, planning for the trekking, setting goals, setting trekking targets, organising schedule, learning, and pushing yourself to adapt to the changes.
  • Change in food habits for healthy you- While you are trekking you are less likely to consume alcohol or coffee. You will drink more water and juice that keeps you moving. You will eat more nutritious and wholesome food rather than junk food. Consuming such foods has positive outcomes on your health. When you go natural, you will find your mind plummeting, feeling fantastic, which does wonders to your mind, body, and soul.
  • Not a particular destination, but exploring new places- Trekking is all about discovering new places, discovering about yourself, and pushing yourself to the hilt. It is not about reaching a particular destination but slowly and happily while exploring, reaching nowhere. Nowhere that opens up to a wanderlust view, feeling the nature around you, listening to your heartbeats. Trekking can offer a host of challenges, remember to carry a self-defense multi-function tool.
  • From luxurious life to a healthy life- Forget the AC feel the breeze, not any fancy junk food but fruits and fire-cooked food, no unlimited Wi-Fi but heart-to-heart conversation with your fellow trekkers, sleeping in tents, or emergency sleeping bag rather than your posh bedroom. Something that will bring you out of the luxurious lifestyle and put you in the wilderness. But one that will make you smile and keep you in good spirits. Do pack in safety clothing.
  • An intoxicating addiction that does good than harm- A lifetime experience and one which will make you go again and again. No matter how many treks you take up, every experience is different from another. And like chocolates or your can of beer this good addiction will keep you ‘trekked’ your whole life.

You need only little to survive

After convincing you of all the benefits of trekking, you are all the more ready to spend your weekend ascending and descending the trails. How about we help you pack up for the trip so that you are all the more prepared for indulging in trekking. Don’t forget to carry a camping survival compass that will help you with directions. Here’s what you will need for trekking.

  • To carry all your essentials and one that must not hurt your neck, shoulder, or your back, get a 70 L large capacity backpack multifunction waterproof or a travel backpack
  • Get a sleeping bag or tent that is conducive to any weather.
  • Prepared for the worst, hence do not forget to a small pouch of all essential medicines
  • Do carry some snacks to munch in whenever you are feeling hungry
  • Get good layered clothing such t-shirts- long and short, wind-cheater or fleece, rugged but comfortable pants, warm socks, waterproof pants and jackets, scarves, your lingerie or underwear, and hiking shoes or men hiking shoes
  • Essentials such as LED flashlight powerful flashlight to light your way in the dark, a quick-drying towel, a walking stick to walk downhill, reusable water bottle, moisturiser, lip balm, sunglasses, hat, and insect repellent.
  • Necessary photo ID and documents, camera, extra batteries for all electronic equipment, power bank,

Healed and soothed, to rejuvenate and be healthy

Reach the most beautiful scenery only on foot. Explore these places, and enjoy the solitude, the crisp fresh air, the smell of the greenery around you, and the stillness of the landscape. Get into the trekking mood around the globe. To name just a few.

  • Inca Trail, Peru– One of the most popular routes but be prepared for the pouring rain, hot and steamy weather, the hot sun, and the occasional cold weather. The trekking is usually done in 4 days. This place is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Annapurna Circuit, Nepal– Discover some of the tallest peaks within 17 days. It starts from a steamy jungle, ascending above the tree line, and the view of dazzling view of the mountains. It is quite a popular hike
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania– Trek to the top to get a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. Takes about 6 days and is one of the most iconic sites in all of Africa.
  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal– Takes almost 12 to 14 days on average and is high. From the base camp, you might not be able to see Mount Everest, but from the various points on the trail, you can see the mighty mountain.
  • W Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP, Chile– One of the most famous hikes. The jagged towers of rock and glacial lakes draw hikers from around the world. It takes around 4 and six days.
  • Samaria Gorge, Greece– One of Crete top’s attractions and the best hike on the island.
  • Cinque Terre Hike, Italy– Most beautiful hike and one that is an easy day hike. The place is perched on the rugged mountains on the seashore
  • Milford Track, New Zealand– Take up a trek in some of the finest scenery that the country has to offer. It has changeable weather, so be prepared.
  • Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon NP, USA– Start into the hiking trail and reach on to view the world-famous Bright Angel Trail, one that will leave you spell-bound.
  • Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe– The luxurious hike that is completed in 11-12 days. Pass through expansive meadows, wide valleys, and rhododendron forests.

Try to get lost in the right direction

Just step out of your house, put a closure to ever-lasting daily activities, and come out of your comfort zone, just a little deviation from your everyday activity, a minor shift in perspective. Look around you, look up, and look down. Contemplate how we are endowed with beautiful and peaceful things around us. Trekking throws a whole new reason to see beautiful life and we are blessed to be able to enjoy it, feel it, and bask in its beauty. So what are you doing here? Get ready for trekking.