How to cook the perfect Mediterranean fish and pre-lockdown memories



While travelling around the world I like to try out cuisine from all over. I think it’s particularly important to understand the culture of the countries you are visiting, and food plays a big role in that. Some of the most unique dishes I’ve tried have been whale and reindeer meat in Norway, and I also visited an amazing underground restaurant in Finland and while the food was quite expensive, I had the amazing opportunity of eating moose! I think everyone should try something as unique as that, even if it can be a little extreme.



However, I have found that in all my travelling, traditional food is still better. I’ve travelled all around the world and nothing will beat traditional Mediterranean cuisine! Enjoying some fresh calamari with a beer, while staring out at the sea in Greece or Italy sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.



So, as everyone is still in lockdown and I sadly cannot travel, I decided to make that dream become reality in my own back garden! Obviously, I couldn’t watch the sun set over the ocean but cooking up some fish and getting a cold beer wasn’t too hard!

I went to my local supermarket and choose the best-looking fish – in this case salmon, seabass, shrimps and mackerel – and took it home, ready to cook!


For the shrimps I wanted to try and recreate a dish I had seen in a restaurant so I put them all in a pan with garlic, seasoning, just the right amount of chili and tomato sauce. Serve them up on some toast or even grill up some bread, add some parsley and you have got a meal worthy of a high-end restaurant!

The salmon, seabass and mackerel were a little simpler to make. I decided to use my electric grill, and I’ve found that it’s best to cook fish at around 150 degrees for the best flavour!


So, I just put everything on the grill, kept a close eye on it and when it was done, I started with the plating. I think that perfect placement brings the whole dish together plus, who would want to eat something that looks bad?


Then, after I was done, I put everything on the table, cracked open a beer and enjoyed my meal! I wish I could put into words how delicious everything was, because I don’t think the pictures do it justice. It really reminded me of travelling, and I recommend doing this, to anyone looking to reminisce. If not for that, at least you get an amazing meal out of it!


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