From A Curious Start to Never-Ending Trails of Delight-Keep Exploring

The World War II Cemetery in Kohima

Home quarantined for a long time? It is time to take out your emergency sleeping bag and your essentials, set up your baggage to travel to one of the pristine beauty. A beautiful region that will relinquish your sleeping soul and the never-ending trails of the region will always bring you back to tread upon.

The traveller’s delight

Waterfalls in North East

Sunsets, waterfalls, the lustrous hills, the pilgrimage, the snowfall all these and many more when you step in the exuberant North-Eastern part of India. If you want to have an experience of laid-back travelling in a hippie style then NE India should be on the fringes of your itinerary.

As popularly known as the 7 sisters of NE India that encompass Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, and Nagaland, these lands are one of the tourist destinations. One of the most reclusive and unexplored parts, visiting this region will take your breath away. There is so much to explore that it might not end in one visit. But we ensure that with every visit you will unfold innumerable fantastic destinations. The mighty Himalayas and the longest river Brahmaputra, the largest freshwater lake, Loktak Lake, the climate, the rich biodiversity, the various tribes with their unique heritage and culture, is what entails the entire regions. Nestled between Tibet, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, a beautiful and surprising retreat from any other part of India. This where you will be spell-bound by its diversities.

As compared to any other region of India, you will find the people of this region can speak and understand English well, are social, will go out of their way to help you, and is much safer from all those stereotypical traps that most people hear off.

The region as it unfolds in every visit

Natural Beauty of North East India

It is almost like opening a Pandora box. North East has so much to offer that different travellers have different stories to tell. The places that are left unexplored are termed exclusive. Such is the beauty of the region. Whether you are travelling with family, or an explorer, or yearning to visit religious places this region will keep on unfolding. The possibility of discovering new places unfold with every step that you take. Come down to this furthest part of North Eastern India to experience the indigenous culture, untold stories, and history, wildlife, picturesque landscapes, varied religions with beautiful places of worship that has their tales, high octane festivals, gastronomical delights, and many more.

Need more reasons to visit:

  • Wildlife- Home to over 15 national parks, the world’s only national floating park, it is rich in flora and fauna.
  • Nature galore and huge landscape- Two mighty rivers, waterfalls, lakes, highlands, plateaus, the third-highest mountain towering over the region; these 7 sisters packs more of this with an awesome view
  • History- Does the history of the places fascinates you? Take up any state and they have their stories to unfold. Do you know the Mughals had to suffer a demoralizing defeat and humiliation in this region? Learn about the legends and of the warriors.
  • Relics- Explore and get spoilt by visiting archaeological sites and relics.

Plan your trip according to the season you love

National Park

So when should you plan? Throughout the year. The nature of the NE region unfolds itself depending upon the weather. So if you want to watch the snowfall of Tawang, visit from November to February, for the Wildlife visit during March-May, to watch the heaviest rainfall visit during July to September, for the religious fervour you can visit any time of the year. [check on with the calendar and mark the various religious festivals]. For hiking to the mountains and experience the local hospitality, you can visit from August till April. Remember to take LED Flashlight Powerful Flashlight as most of the areas are without electricity.

Pick a time that suits you, while keeping a close tab on the travel conditions. For many, the weather conditions baffle many. Most of the areas in Arunachal and Sikkim remain snow-capped almost all year-round, while in Assam the weather turns treacherous during April till September with rains and the sultry sun doing the rounds. You will be left awed by such climatic conditions. The Safety super Air conditioning wind jacket can protect you from the lashing winds that usually blow in the region. Pack warm clothes when you are backpacking the northeastern region.

The off-beaten track

Tea Garden

As compared to any other part of India or that of the world, NE India is not as touristy. Since, most of the regions remain unexplored, without the help of the local people it will be difficult to navigate your way around the villages and countrysides. The main flavour of the regions remains in the rural areas. It is that part of India that remains virgin and ready to be explored. Though a few states of North East India are quite popular and do offer some best facilities, for that adventurous soul some unexplored and unbeaten tracks are waiting to unfold.

Apart from the picturesque landscapes and varied flora and fauna, is its religious diversity. You will find almost all the religions of the world spread around in this region.  The key thing that makes this region diverse is its race, culture, ethnic groups, and cuisine, and religion.

Accommodation in the places

Major cities offer some of the best accommodation that comes with all the facilities and can be easily googled. Also, you can avail the help of the tour operators. If you want to experience the culture of the region, the hospitable people living in the villages will be too happy to open their house for you. But be mentally prepared for basic rooms, Indian toiletries, and power outages.

How safe is North East India

Safe North East

The word safety and danger is similar to wherever you are travelling to. So, the North-Eastern part of India is safe like any part of the world, even while travelling alone. Usually, the perception created by media might make you feel that you are even unsafe at your home. Media reports can outlive any region’s reality. Until the early 2000s, the combat zones were entirely closed off to the tourist. But as of now, it is just as same as your region. Take care of belongings at all times and do not venture at ungodly hours. Do not just pay what is asked for, you can always bargain and that starts from half of the price quoted. Remember to respect the traditions and culture of the region, the locals will be more than happy to showcase their culture. Dress according to the region and be humble.

The region respects its female population

North East India

As compared to any other parts of India or even some foreign countries, women in the North-Eastern region enjoy more freedom. You will find more vocal, controlling business, going around alone. However, do not venture out at night and always try to keep to groups or with your family. Observe basic safety practices that you would do anywhere else.

Will language be a problem while travelling?

It will never be. If you are taking the help of your tour provider, then you will find them speaking fluently in English. Most of the people of the regions can speak in English, and hence language won’t be a barrier while exploring lands. Our advice will be to take along a local with whom you can communicate easily.

Packing for the travel

Deciding on the time of the travel can help you in packing. Check on the weather that coincides with your dates of travelling, as well as the region you will be visiting. The basics can be outlined as such:

  • Backpacks– To pack your all essential travel gear and that is easy to carry, a 70 L large capacity backpack multifunction waterproof, will be ideal and easy. It will be not too large or heavy on your back. You can easily pack your toiletries, clothing, camera, and accessories.
  • Survival and safety– There might be someplace where you will find power outages, it is always advisable to pack a LED flashlight powerful flashlight, for difficult weather conditions you can also carry survival rescue blanket foil– a must-have during travelling since it protects from all weather conditions. Keeping the body warm in cold regions, can open as a canopy during the rainy season and can be easily be carried. Outdoor survival tool that contains wrench, slotted screwdriver, bottle opener and comes in a key chain
  • Medical supplies– Remember to pack in insect repellents, pain killers, a mini first-aid kit, Band-Aids as well as disinfectants while travelling to the North-Eastern region
  • Carry your cutlery and water bottle at all times to avoid stomach upset.

Great Expectations

One thing you can be ensured is that you can come with great expectations, and you will come back again to explore more. Being a hidden part and not so popular destination, this region unfurls its beauty in your every visit. Apart from varied cultures and ethnicity, there are magnificent landscapes, spiritual retreats, wildlife that can be found in the North-Eastern region. Remember to observe basic safety practices, dress well, and respect the culture and customs of the region. If you ever get tired of all the travelling, take a sip of a cup of classic tea to energize you to explore more.