Is your dog stressed? How to recognise the signs!

Stress not only affects people, but also animals, especially dogs! Modern life affects our little friends in a similar way, even if we don’t realise it. If you sit back and observe your dog you can see how and when they are affected by stress, and then try to de-stress them. Common signs are pacing or shaking, yawning, drooling and licking, whining or baring, changes is posture, shedding, changes in their eyes and ears, avoidance or displacement behaviour, panting or changes in bodily functions. Some of these can be mistaken for common dog behaviours, but when multiple of them happen more than normal that’s when you should start to ask yourself “Is my dog stressed?” as it is better to spot the signs early so your dog can be as happy as possible.

Once you have figured out if your dog is stressed, there are a few solutions: physical exercise is one of the best stress relievers for both people and dogs. So as long as you take your dog out every day, play with them and get some fresh air you should be good. Another thing you could do, which is becoming increasingly popular, is doing yoga with your dog. Dogs, not unlike humans, benefit from mental stimulation as it helps them to de-stress, and there is a large variety of anti-stress toys available in any pet store. By changing the toys you use every so often, you allow your dog to have the needed stimulation while also letting them rediscover their favourite toy when you give it to them again!

Talking to your dog and interacting with them by playing with them or just having them around makes them happy and healthy. Some dogs also like listening to music and some studies show that classical music helps calm them down, so when you’re listening to your favourite band try to get your dog to listen with you as they might like it just as much as you do! Another option, not many people think of, is aromatherapy with lavender. It is a natural way to calm you and your dog. You could always use medication, and while it is a simple solution you won’t be able to bond with your dog as much, so buying them or toy or taking them out on a walk seems like a much better solution which makes everyone happy!

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